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I'm a Sr. Software Engineer who emphasizes on front-end development in Mt. Airy, MD. I have a passion for new technology and techniques for creating simple, intuitive interfaces.

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Since the beginning of my journey as a web developer nearly 12 years ago, I have done remote work for agencies, consulted for government entities, and collaborated with talented people to create great products for business and consumer use. I'm perpetually improving my skills and love learning new technology which helps me adapt to the never chaning digital environment.

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Enterprise Metadata Repository (EMR)

The Enterprise Metadata Repository (EMR) is an application that allows business analysts, developers, and data engineers make sense of the enterprise data.


A quick, easy, and user-friendly tool to crop pictures.


Call center management software to help companies enhance their customer support.

Claris Portal

A video sharing and management tool for security awareness and response.

Edwin Perez

Sr. Software Engineer


As a Sr. Software Engineer, I have had a lot of experience with many projects which has allowed me to learn different backend/front-end technologies.



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Big O notation and Time Complexity

Datastructures & Algorithms

Whenever a question like: how long will this program take to finish? The closest we can get to a response is using Big O notation to calculate the program's time complexity. Due to many different variables ( like cpu, memory), it is incredibly hard to get an accurate measurement of how long a program will take. This is where Big O notation comes in.

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